Remote Control Motorcycle Toy-Yellow

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2.4GHz remote control self-balancing stunt motorcycle toy 1/6 auto-balance 2-wheels

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Colour: Yellow

Scale: 1:6

Motorcycle Size: 350mm x 144mm x 263mm

Motorcycle Weight(with battery): 1000g

Battery: 7.4v  1200mAh Li-Po

Charging Time: about 120mins

High speed use time: 60mins

Single wheel use time: 210mins

Speed: about 15km/hr

Control distance: about 60m

Dependent suspension shock for both front and rear wheel

Transmitter Battery: 2 x 1.5v AAA (not included)


* The product has: forward, backward, turn left, turn right, indoor mode, outdoor mode, terrain switching, in situ U-turn, self-stabilising balance, 360 degree drift, stunt single wheel stand and other functions.

* The product can be stabilised and balanced by the traction control of the rear wheel rubber balance wheel, subverting the traditional remote control motorcycle toy.

* The product applies traction smart wheels, which can achieve 360 ° drift on the spot through 16 rubber side wheels. The single wheel stands sideways and has a full sense of technology.

* Detachable design for motorcycle riders.

* The product adopts rubber-coated injection wheels, driving more stable and more wear-resistant.

* The independent suspension suspension system of front and rear wheels makes the high-speed driving more stable.

* The body is designed to fold and store the tripod, which is more convenient and realistic.

* The product adopts 6-axle gyroscope to sense the posture, which makes the balance more stable and the operation easier.

* Cool lighting features: LED headlights at the front, LED headlights at the rear, and scene light strips at the bottom of the car body.

* The product application simulator makes the user immersive and experience driving pleasure.

* The product has indoor / outdoor mode switching, and the driving mode is selected according to the size of the use site.

* The product has a terrain mode switching function, and the driving mode is selected according to the outdoor driving ground.

* Ultra-large-capacity battery can be flexibly replaced to make the battery life longer and more convenient.

* Safety function: tilt anti-blocking function, low voltage alarm function.


Single Package includes:

1 x RC motorcycle

1 x Controller

1 x Rechargeable Li-Po battery (built-in)

1 x USB charger

1 x Screw driver

1 x User manual


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